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Past Alerts:
TitleMessageAttachmentCreated Date
Community Alert Burglaries District 019 (Town Hall) &nbsp; <p align="left"><font size="3" face="Helvetica"><font size="3" face="Helvetica">3300 block of N. Southport on November 29th, from 12:30am- 6:30am.</font></font><font size="3" face="Symbol"><font size="3" face="Symbol"> </font></font><font size="3" face="Helvetica"><font size="3" face="Helvetica">3200 block of N. Seminary between November 29-30, from 9:50pm- 0630am.</font></font><font size="3" face="Symbol"><font size="3" face="Symbol"> </font></font><font size="3" face="Helvetica"><font size="3" face="Helvetica">1000 block of W. Irving Park on November 30</font></font><font size="1" face="Helvetica"><font size="1" face="Helvetica">th</font></font><font size="3" face="Helvetica"><font size="3" face="Helvetica">, from 1;00am- 5:15am.</font></font><strong><font face="Helvetica-Bold"> </font><font face="Symbol"> <p align="left">&bull; <font face="Helvetica"> <p align="left">From the 3200 block of N. Seminary, Male Black, 30-40 yoa, 6'00-6'02, gray <p align="left">hooded sweatshirt with black jacket, driving a red van with gray fender, possible Wisconsin license plate. <p align="left">&nbsp; <p align="left">What you can do: </font></font><font face="Helvetica">From the 3200 block of N. Seminary, Male Black, 30-40 yoa, 6'00-6'02, gray</font><strong><font face="Helvetica-Bold"> </font><font face="Symbol"> <p align="left">&bull; </font><font face="Helvetica">Report any suspicious people or activity in the area</font><font face="Symbol"> <p align="left">&bull; </font><font face="Helvetica">Be aware of the situation and alert neighbors in the area about these crimes</font><font face="Symbol"> <p align="left">&bull; </font><font face="Helvetica">Pay special attention to any subjects loitering in the area</font><font face="Symbol"> <p align="left">&bull; </font><font face="Helvetica">Ensure that doors and windows are secured and check any suspicious noises</font><font face="Symbol"> <p align="left">&bull; </font><font face="Helvetica">Keep records of serial numbers of electronic items</font><strong><font color="#0000ff" face="Helvetica-Bold"><font color="#0000ff" face="Helvetica-Bold"> <p align="left">If you have any information Contact the Bureau of Detectives &ndash; Area North <p align="left">(312) 744-8263 <p align="left">Pattern P14-N-205 (CA) </font></font><font color="#ff0000" face="Helvetica-Bold"><font color="#ff0000" face="Helvetica-Bold"> <p align="left">RD#s HX523783, HX524899, HX524837 </font></font><font size="2" face="Helvetica-Bold"><font size="2" face="Helvetica-Bold"> <p align="left">Alert # P14-N-205CA November 30, 2014 </font></font></strong></strong></strong> &nbsp; &nbsp; <p align="left">&bull; &nbsp; <p align="left">About the Crime: &nbsp; <p align="left">&bull; &nbsp; <p align="left">Burglaries are occurring in District 019 where offender(s) break into residences <p align="left">overnight, in some instances when the victims are home sleeping <p align="left">About the Offenders: <p align="left">&bull;CA009.pdf12/1/2014 5:34:56 AM
Second Teen Charged in March MurderA 16-year-old male was charged with First Degree Murder early&nbsp;Wednesday morning&nbsp;in connection to a&nbsp;fatal shooting that occurred in March 2014.ChargesRelease16yroldChargedinMarchMurder.pdf9/17/2014 4:07:08 AM
South Side Man Charged in 2013 HomicideA 21-year-old man was charged in connection to a murder that occurred in July of 2013.ChargesReleaseAntonioJames.pdf9/4/2014 4:46:40 AM
South Side Man Charged with Aggravated BatteryA 54-year-old man was charged with Aggravated Battery after he cut the face of a man on a CTA bus.ChargesReleaseforKevinLee.pdf8/30/2014 2:14:34 AM
Man Charged in West Side ShootingA 21-year-old man was charged late Sunday night in connection a shooting that occurred on the 1600 block of W. Grand.ReleaseChargesBustos.pdf8/18/2014 1:15:06 AM